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  The Cost of construction in bangalore varies from Rs 1000 to Rs 1300 per sq ft.Its depends on the materials cost used in the finishes like flooring, cladding,bath ware..etc. As an Architect we always help the client to know their costwell before the construction starts at Seekan Architect we give importance forour Stage 1 services where we the floor plan and the building elevation andpropose the Construction cost well before the start of the project.


   The cost of construction can always be estimated in a propermanner by knowing and understanding the clients requirements well in advance sono delays or reworks happen at site to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Once theconcept design is finalized we help you in selecting the right building contractor.The time frame for a residential project with a Duplex concept on a 30x40 plotwill take nearly 7 to 9 months to complete however there might be furtherdelays in the project by using granite or marble or any other non standard materialsin the construction.


 As architects we plan the project in aprofessional manner by understanding the clients needs and requirement and budgetit accordingly.

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