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Architects in Bangalore have many roles to play in construction of abuilding but the most important role they play is the deigning of thebuildings. Most of the construction project of buildings need documentation ofthe of the construction which includes buildingelevations, building plan, materials bill, work drawing and other relatedinformation. This information is used in the building and constructions as wellas they are being used in the estimation of building cost and marketing.


 In early days, top architects in Bangalore used to do all these works manually whichrequire much more time and human resource but with the advancement in thetechnology, architects are using various computer programs for doing theseworks like CAD  and autoCAD. They aredoing their work with more efficiency as well as lesser time and humanresources are needed for this. Many architecturalfirms in Bangalore are doing only designing only building elevations and they are very much professional in theirapproach. In the era of great completion, if any professional wants hissurvival then he has to perform in some extraordinary way. That’s why most ofthe Bangalore architects are usingthese computer programs to give building designs within the allotted budget andtime.


Using these computerized designing; Bangalore architects can make 3 dimensionmodels of the buildings. By using 2 dimension drawing and 3 dimension modelsthey can explain their project with more effectiveness. Best architects in Bangalorecreate a prefect three dimensional building design or elevation model includesall two dimension data, drawing, materials and documents. This is useful forthe assessment of the building construction cost and the duration of theconstruction. Architects Bangalore can use various designs as alternatives toselect the most suitable one. These building elevations prepared on the 3 Dmodel can be rotated in various directions which give a clear view of each andevery aspect of the building. So there are many benefits of these architecturalmodels. This gives better visualization to various types of buildings.


You can check the errors present in the drawing of the building. Interiors areclearly visible in such models and buildingelevations. This helps in efficient marketing and promotion of the buildingprojects. Many architectural firmsput big hoardings in the prime places of the city and at building sites whichhave clear building designs are made. This helps in the advertisement and marketingof the project. People passing through the area can easily locate the proposedsite of the building site. By the building elevation designs an architectexplore different types of architecturepatterns. So there are lots of works to do by an architect in the form of building elevations. You can find theseprofessionals online or in the yellow pages. List of architects in Bangalore whodesigns elevations , house plans of the big buildings like shopping mall,corporate offices and hospitals as well they can design these elevations foryour house building according the houseplans. So it is always beneficial to overview your building constructionproject in the form of building elevations.


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