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House plans in Bangalore are doneas per the likes and dislikes of the client as each indusial have their owntastes.It is a very interesting topic to discuss about the architecture style adopted in the various parts of the world. Architecture style is affected byvarious factors like economy, culture, population, geographical area andclimatic conditions of the area. Style of architecturerepresents the differentiation or classification according to the differentcriterion like forms of the architecture, techniques and various kinds ofbuilding materials used for the construction. Architects in bangalore Seekanfeel that modern house plans Bangalore are done considering different  architectures and other developed parts of theworld had explored many and unique architectural styles by their experience andtraining. Few styles are being discussed here.


We do 20x30,30x50,40x50,40x60,50x80,30x40 house plans in Bangalore designed onmost commonly used architecture styles being used in modern day buildingconstruction are art deco, colonial, contemporary, Georgian, Gothic Revival,Prarie House and international. Art deco style became popular in 1920s. Bangalorearchitects Seekan feel that it was full of geometrical décor elements anddesign with vertical orientations. Roof lines and towers increase the verticalgrace of the residential building house plans Bangalore. White roofs withmetallic windows, smooth walls and rectangle shaped cut-outs arecharacteristics of this architect style. This unique architect style had becomevery much popular in that time in urban building constructions. Colonial styleis very old and was used in 1600s in the time colonization era. Seekanarchitects explains that its the basic and economical architecture style andmuch popular in developed European countries in its time. Residential Houseplans styles were very much explored by the architects of England, Spain andFrance. Another style which was very much popular in the 1950s to 1970s calledcontemporary style. In this style there are two types of roof top are formed.One is flat roof top and other is gabled roof.


The unique features of this style are odd-sized and often tall windows. Anotherinteresting feature of this architecture is combination of various buildingmaterials in the building construction. Buildings are single storied andsurrounding landscape is designed according to the building architecture. Houseplans by Seekan Architects in Bangaloreare done using all these styles according to the need of the person andavailable space. They are using the contemporary architecture as well as modernstyles in which building are many storied and have big windows of the almostequal size. The windows are made of wooden frame and glass fitted within theframe.


Many architectural firms are doingresearch and development works to explore all these extinct architecturalstyles using their knowledge and experiences. Bangalore architects are designing nice and beautiful attractivedesigns of the buildings in the city which makes the city more attractive anddeveloped. Architectural style is very much affected by the economic status ofthe people and their paying capacity as well. If a person can invest more moneyand following all the norms of the building construction will definitely have agood architecture of his house and everything in the building will be accordingto his house plans. 20 30, 30 40 Duplexhouse plans in Bangalore and  Buildingelevations designed by the architects are helping to explore variousarchitectural styles in the city like Bangalore and other developed part of thecountry and globe. So it is the era of mixed architecture of old and modernstyles.


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